Looking for SS13 RP Partner

Whether you're looking for RP on station or off station, relevant to SS13 or not, this should help you find it.

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Looking for SS13 RP Partner

Postby Hunter » Sat Jan 13, 2024 10:34 pm

To get in touch, PM me or Discord: Hunter_53073 Email: bsstuff74@gmail.com

Preferences (As a Prey) baring in mind I'm happy to do whatever you want back
- Taur! (Or big character:)
- Doms
- Sizeplay
- Mouthplay
- Messy Stomach

If Possible
- Chace Scenes
- Breathplay
- Teasing
- Kind but turn mean in vore 
- Regurgitation and swallowing again

Happy to become a pred and switch around! Don't hesitate to contact, looking for new friends and experiences!
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