[ON] Looking to get unwillingly tempvored with risk of perma

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[ON] Looking to get unwillingly tempvored with risk of perma

Postby Araaramra_Hadii » Sat Sep 21, 2019 1:13 pm

I would really love some unwilling vore or snuff scenes where just before or after finishing me off you spin this wheel to decide if and when my character comes back. You can grab me for this any time you see me, but I'd prefer it if you let me know ooc before getting too far into the scene so I can enjoy the anticipation. If this isn't your thing I still come back after the shift end if you don't spin, and you can ask me to get a backup implant if you want.
link to wheel(click the [+] below to expand):

If you want to arrange a time in advance so we don't miss each other, get an up to date list of my characters, and/or ask me to join as a specific character, you can contact me on discord: healdirt#7076 , or you can send me a forum pm, although I check those less than discord.
Here's a copy of my ooc notes, I have these the same across all my characters(click the [+] below to expand):
Switch, Pan. "Araaramra Hadii &c." in the discord server.
No ic or ooc consent or warning required for anything on the first three of these lists. I love surprises. Grab and gulp, afk/ssd stuff always welcome and appreciated.
Best of the best: risk of perma (As prey, following the details in my forum post : viewtopic.php?f=18&t=1587 , if you want to vary things from that we can discuss it first ), teasing/threatening perma, disposal (as cum, bones, piss, burps, even scat if mild/not focused on the smell or taste of it), snuff, degradation/insults, corpse eating, gore(including robot gore), surgery without anesthetic, being thrown in the trash, asphyxiation, fireplay, pepper spray, item digestion/theft, rape, crushing, aural penetration, parasites, life/nutrition drain, fatal bloodsucking, soul vore, tail vore (with demon style spade-tails), hard vore, cooking vore, piss/watersports, bladder vore
Hell yes: Digestion, fearplay, rough sex, bondage, bdsm, feet/hooves/talons/shoes/paws, forced size change, micro/macro, impregnation, non-fatal bloodsucking, clothing vore, inanimate tf/petrification (without preserving consciousness), CV, AV, OV, tail vore (with other tails) UB, breast/nipple vore, permavore (as pred)
Still definitely fun: Healbellies (until healed) (willing or unwilling), Other non-fatal vore (hold/absorb/tf/etc) (as unwilling prey), willing size change, body snatching, mind control/compliance disks
Maybe sometimes(ask first): other non-fatal vore (as pred or willing prey), soulcatchers, getting backup implanted
Please no: non-vore-related scat, focus on smell/taste in scat, fartplay
Won't call for help unless you make it clear you want me to, preferably via looc.
I almost never get resleeved, especially when I'm killed by another player. Don't bother taking my stuff to medical or asking them to resleeve me unless I ask you to. (I still come back after the shift unless you opt into the risk of perma thing and get lucky)
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