Abel Parker

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Abel Parker

Postby Vorrarkul » Tue Feb 07, 2017 5:16 am


Abel Parker was born on Mars, to a family of hydroponicists. In her teen years, she grew restless, wanting to see the universe. This came to a head as she entered into young adulthood, and the Graham-West Security Company arrived in her little town. She and several of her friends signed up, eager to take to the stars and explore alien planets. This was when she first learned that she hated space shuttles.

The Company flew her out to the Frontier, the edge of colonized space, where she worked varying jobs on dozens of worlds, from security detail, to asset protection, to even planet taming. On a bounty hunting mission, she was cornered by the quarry- a bear mutant- which left her nearly dead before her comrades could rescue her. The damage was significant, and she lost all four of her limbs, gaining Cybernetic Prosthetics in their place. She actually took it rather well, after adjusting to her new form, and was back to work remarkably quickly for such injuries.

What hit her harder, though, was when a Shuttle Accident cost her most of the childhood friends who had signed onto the crew alongside her. She withdrew, remaining 'friendly' but reluctant to make any actual friends. With this, and a few pending investigations into the company, Graham-West folded, and Abel was picked up by NanoTrasen as likely a good fit for their own station security work, as long as she didn't have to take the shuttle!

And that is her story so far.


Accessing personnel file: Abel Parker...

File: Medical & Psychiatric Records
Author: Angie Fiscina, Medical Doctor
IN CASE OF DEATH: Resleeve if possible, construct a synthetic chassis if necessary. Patient will require cybernetic limbs post-resleeving.

Abel's lived an... exciting life, that's a good word for it. With various "minor" injuries while working for Graham-West Security, the only major incidents are one wherein she lost all four of her limbs- she's been extremely resistant to giving details about this, and one where she lost both eyes- she's more forthcoming about this one, and accuses some kind of alien plant. All limbs and both eyes have since been replaced with cybernetic prosthetics. She actually seems to prefer it that way.
Mentally, she's friendly but... distant. She's uncomfortable talking about herself. Not to mention her intense dislike of bears. I think she might be protecting herself after losing friends in a shuttle accident, but that's just conjecture.

File: Employment Records
Author: Lora Imanatiel, Internal Affairs
Previous Employer: Graham-West Security Company
Occupation: Private Military Contractor, Colonial Security, Planet Tamer
Reason for Leaving: Company disbanded

Previous Employer: Family Business
Occupation: Hydroponicist
Reason for Leaving: Recruited into Graham-West Security Company

Notes: She's trained with weapons, although she has not yet expressed any interest in a permit. Maybe the martian farmgirl doesn't know what a permit is. What isn't evident from her resume above is that she's also knowledgeable about robotics, probably because approximately half of her is that.

File: Security Records
Author: Rylee Vorrarkul, Head of Security (retired)
Virgo-Erigone Crime Record:
Suspected Misconduct - no charges filed

Sol Government Crime Record:
1 Count of Shoplifting - fine paid

Notes: So, I suppose I should start by explaining the Misconduct charge. Abel was involved in an incident that happened on a nearby colony- two people were seriously injured after having trespassed into territory her old security company was protecting. No charges were ever filed, but an investigator somewhere thought this was worth marking her record with. As for the Shoplifting charge- that's a really old one, way back before she even left her home planet. I haven't gotten the chance to know her personally, but she seems to take the job seriously, and reports I've seen show that she's actually very concerned about procedure; something I can respect.
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