Nyssa Brennan

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Nyssa Brennan

Postby Vorrarkul » Tue Dec 27, 2016 4:36 am


Nyssa Brennan would agree with the idea that living in interesting times is a curse. In her youth, she discovered that her great grandmother is a Dragon. Not soon after, she had an incident with fire, leading to the loss of her left eye and the scarring of both of her hands, which she kept in gloves to protect their sensitive skin.

In young adulthood, she developed a passion for Freerunning. However, just like her youth, this higher point led to a descent; she became addicted to muscle stimulating Drugs. And also just like her youth, she had an accident, falling from a building and being hospitalized.

Her hospital bills, on top of her already large debt to her drug suppliers, put her in a quite desperate situation. (Perhaps) fortunately, an official from NanoTrasen caught wind of her plight, and gave her an offer; all of her debts would be wiped clean, and her addiction broken in one fell swoop. The price for this kindness? She would have to spend years in a Mechanical Body, working off those debts, while her real body was medically treated and cryogenically frozen to await the conclusion of her contract.

And that is her story so far.


Accessing personnel file: Nyssa Brennan...

File: Psychiatric Records
Author: James Kirkland, Psychiatrist
Miss Brennan has lived through quite a turbulent life; that said, she seems to be handling it remarkably well. She seems to have no aversion to fire, despite an incident in her childhood; if anything, she seems to enjoy fire - budding pyromania is a possibility. It's hard to pin down any effects the drug addiction may have had on her; she refuses to speak on the topic.

File: Employment Records
Author: Lora Imanatiel, Internal Affairs
Before she came to work on company stations, Nyssa was a drifter; she worked many small, odd jobs and was constantly on the move. After she started working for us, she seems to be doing the same, but with our various departments; to date the only department she hasn't made some sort of headway into is Research & Development. Maybe have someone point her to a job counselor.

File: Security Records
Author: Lora Imanatiel, Internal Affairs
While she hasn't done anything truly criminal that we can find, psychiatric evaluations warn of a liking for fire and experience freerunning- she's unlikely to fight, but she would almost certainly flee. I have just been told to stop giving tactical breakdowns in the security records I write, and so instead I will simply remind security that she is a gynoid, and her... circumstances give her very little reason to spark trouble with us.
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