User: Jarome Rognvaldr

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User: Jarome Rognvaldr

Postby Aces » Sun Jun 12, 2016 1:48 am

Name: Jarome Rognvaldr
Gender: Male
DoB: Some time in 2527
Species: Valdissi Bulltaur
Secondary Languages: Gutterband
Blood Type: O-

Nanotrasen Relation: Opposed
Employee since: February, 2559

Medical Record
Hypertension, obesity, numerous past injuries, evidence of extreme trauma despite lack of medical records, multiple bones broken and healed, more scars than could be counted, and probably a textbook case of PTSD considering his former piracy career. Also, if you have to give him a check-up, don't go anywhere near his rear. If a crewmember is swallowed by his rectum, don't bother trying to stage a rescue. It's a lost cause. Just clone the person and promise not to summon security and he'll be more likely to tell us when he's killed someone...

Security Record
Former pirate, convicted of piracy by the UNSC in 2555, imprisoned for 5 years. Upon release, became a quartermaster on V.O.R.E. and hasn't been much of a problem. Has experience in a variety of maintinence applications, including EVA, atmospherics, construction, and electronics. Also has combat experience, mainly guerilla tactics, experience in espionage, and command roles.

Employment Record
Former pirate, convicted of piracy by the UNSC in 2555, imprisoned for 5 years. Very confrontational, especially with security. Caught with contraband on a variety of occasions. Several counts of assaults on officers--one incident in which he digested the entire security staff (although malicious intent could not be proven). Suspected to still maintain contact with members and former members of the Blackstar Marauders, allowing him to smuggle contraband through cargo. Feel free to conduct random checks of his department, even during code green. If he protests to an Internal Affairs agent, show them this documentation authorizing such random checks. If caught with contraband, or if marked for arrest, do not hesitate to use less-than-lethal force. Very often, he will attempt to resist arrest. Don't be afraid to break out the riot gear and beanbag shells if you have to deal with him.

Current skill level: Above Average (17)
Command: Professional (Former pirate captain)
Botany: Untrained
Cooking: Untrained

Close Combat: Trained (Pure experience)
Weapons Expertise: Trained (Former pirate captain)
Forensics: Untrained

Extra-vehicular activity: Trained (Certified by NanoTrasen)
Construction: Amature
Electrical Engineering: Amature
Atmospherics: Untrained
Engines: Untrained
Heavy Machinery Operation: Untrained

Complex Devices: Amature
Information Technology: Untrained
Genetics: Untrained
Chemistry: Untrained
Science: Untrained

Medicine: Amateur
Anatomy: Untrained
Virology: Untrained
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