[OOC] Mana Casales ((Really long backstory!))

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[OOC] Mana Casales ((Really long backstory!))

Postby Scurra » Sun Mar 27, 2016 4:23 pm

OOC note before reading:
Being the aspiring novelist that I am, I like to write. I thought it'd be fun to write out a bit of Mana's backstory, and I thought it'd be cool for anyone else to find out more about her from an OOC standpoint if they want, and to know why she acts the way like she does. That being said, the following is not public knowledge, so it'd be great if it wasn't brought up in most cases, though there are a few exceptions! Main ones being mind control, hypnotism, mind-reading and the like. Otherwise, you probably shouldn't know this unless Mana has told you! Constructive criticism, thoughts, etc. appreciated, if you want to leave it. c:

Before you read this page, be warned that it does contain violence and gore in a narrative interest that is in no way, shape or form sexual. Any and all content is for narrative purposes only, to further drive home the story.

"But why do we need to go there? They're nothing but dumb apes!" Mana whines, her lips set as she walks with her parents on an orbital station just inside the Uueoa-Esa system's orbit. Kalidas and Caelina, her father and mother respectively, both continue walking, choosing not to indulge their daughter. Huffing silently as had become the norm when they ignored her in front of company, Mana just bears it and crosses her arms, walking along the metallic corridor in silence, save for the thick drop of their escort's boots against the plating. Mana's nanny tuts softly and scolds her, "You cannot be doing that m'lady Mana, it is not upholding of your parents' house!" Her nanny then takes Mana's hands and plants them in front of her groin, fingers clasped together as she walks like a princess. Mana groans, but abides by it. Just think...she's going to be in charge of a noble house one day! The thought, although she wouldn't admit it to anyone, excited her twelve-year-old mind, filling her with the same giddiness you'd expect on Christmas morning.

With a little bit of a skip in her step, Mana's arms eventually become tired of just resting there, and crossed them over her chest once more, overall finding it more comfortable. Before her nanny can tut at her again, their little brigand of armed guards come to rest near an airlock that leads to a privately-owned civilian ship. Their Tajara guardsmen all simultaneously stomp their feet as they come to stand at ease, before they do an about-face and spread down the middle, allowing the Casales family to enter. The airlock hisses open with a quiet clunk, and Kalidas nods respectfully to them, leading his wife, daughter, and nanny inside. Four guardsmen turn twice, and then march in behind them, before the airlock slams shut, sealing the ship. Giving a quiet little hum of exceptional patience, Mana's father looks back at her, and lightly cocks his head. "Mana, my sweet." He more asks in Siik'maas, "Come with me and your mother."

Giving a little roll of her eyes, she follows, her arms still crossed. Kalidas gives a nod to the anxious nanny, signalling that she may come. They walk down the left corridor in their ship, to what looks to be the resting quarters. There'd be three rooms; a guest room to the left, Mana's bedroom to the right, and the master bedroom at the end of the corridor. Walking straight towards it, Kalidas sighs softly, their airlock sliding open, to reveal their exquisite furnishings. Walking in and settling down on a chair, Kalidas folds his hands over his lap, quickly joined to his left by Caelina, sitting down in an equally-flashy velvet chair, crossing her legs over her thighs. The nanny simply gives a curt bow and then stands there almost awkwardly, as if wondering why she was allowed to come in. Mana then huffs silently at her parents' gazes, and steps up to them.

"You know that I am a very busy man, yes?" Her father asks. Mana sets her lips together, as if hearing the faint impertinent tone coming from him. "Y-yes...she doooooes." She drags out, bunching her mouth to the side and looking down at her feet. Her father sighs lightly. "The point that I'm trying to make, is that you're going to be coming on trips like this more and more often. You need to show your face to your future associates; you are going to be taking over one day, young lady." He lightly smiles, being coaxed into a good mood with his family. Caelina plants her hand on Kalidas' forearm, flashing him a little smile, before looking back at Mana. She beckons her over, and the little princess hops to her mother's gentle grasp. "Mana, my sweet..." She smiles, giving her a little kiss on the brow. Mana's response is to roll her eyes a bit, though she can't help but crack a little grin. "We understand that you don't like coming on these trips so often, but...we just want you to know that it's needed. After all, how else would we rub it in everyone's faces that our daughter is the most beautiful young woman they'd ever seen?" She giggles, lightly poking at Mana's nose. Mana's smile grows as wide as the sun at that, her mother lovingly returning the smile. "Ho ho, that's right!" Her father chimes in, "I can't have my competitors thinking that they can stand a chance to compare their children against mine!" He then gives Mana's head a little ruffle, chuckling lightly.

As Mana giggles softly and begins purring, an intercom flares to life in the room. "We'll be taking off now, sir. Please make sure you're buckled in." Kalidas then looks towards Mana's nanny, who then sparks into action, taking Mana's hand and leading her out of the bedroom. "Come come child, we need to find our seats." Huffing a bit at being removed from her little family moment, she emits a soft "Hmph." and allows herself to be swept away. They step up out of the little residence corridor, and into the main body of the ship, which would just be another corridor, except lined with seats on either side of it, positioned around the airlock. Four black-armored Tajaran strap themselves in, grunting faintly, all wearing helmets, and carrying live weaponry. Mana and her nanny look somewhat fearful as they glance towards them, taking their seats next to the guardsmen. Mana has a bit of trouble reaching up for her buckles, and her nanny softly tuts and reaches over to help her, but she immediately huffs loudly and slaps her hand away! "I can do it!" She proudly states. Fumbling for a few more seconds, a faint click is heard as she finally sets in her buckles, beaming proudly. Her nanny gives a little "Ooo, you're lucky" smile in a friendly manner, and Mana just replies with her tongue sticking out. However, she slowly looks towards the opposite end of the corridor, and in the pit of her stomach, feels terrified. She's never been to Moghes before. There are bandits on Moghes. People kill people on Moghes, there's also no water, oh god, what if she's thirsty, is she going to have to kill for water? What if their guards aren't big enough to kill scaly things? What if--

Her increasingly-panicked train of thought is cut off then by the guard to her left giving a little "Psst." Mana frowns, looking over, and sees that the guard reaches up to remove his helmet. She's then greeted with a warm smile, the Tajaran's fur being a charcoal black, and his eyes a light green. "His name is Tar'hurao. He knows that you're Mana, and he thinks...you look a little nervous." Mana then gives a little bit of a start, before, like is her normal reaction, she immediately whips her gaze away from Tar, crossing her arms, and emitting a little flustered "Hmph!" After a few seconds though, Mana hesitantly looks back, and up into his eyes. "Y-...you can tell?..." She asks, before the guardsman gives a warm little chuckle, cocking a brow confidently and nodding to her. "Oh, he can tell. It's going to be quite alright. You wanna know something?" Tar then looks to his left and lightly hits the back of his hand against his guardsmans' chest, as if inviting him to listen. "These men with him? The strongest, and the best of the best. They're all superheroes, you know that, right?" He grins.

Mana's eyes widen slightly at that, looking at the guardsmen with a new sense of wonder, if a bit of skepticism. "S-superheroes?...No way. You're fibbing!" She cries out, before Tar chuckles again, offering his forearm. "He's not kidding, go on, hit him as hard as you can, he won't feel a thing." True to her personality, Mana immediately balls up her fist and gives a firm thwack of her hand against the man's padded forearm! Tar smirks confidently down at her, not so much as flinching. "See? Superhero."

Just then, the ship lurches slightly, and they begin their travel to Moghes via spaceship. Mana whimpers slightly as she clings to her seat, scared the entire ship would break apart at a moments' notice. Seeing this and chuckling again, Tar gives Mana a re-assuring pat on the head. "Relax, kiddo. They're just nearing the atmosphere, is all. Nothin' to be afraid of." Glancing around for a moment, Tar then leans down, and grins as he raises a hand to his mouth, as if to make sure no one else could hear as he whispers. "Y'know, he heard that this pilot? Flew a ship twice as big as this, through an asteroid belt. Not a single scratch on the plating." Woed by the high tails of the Guardsman, Mana's mouth opens in awe, and she glances down the corridor towards the cockpit, as if she could sneak a peek at the "legend". Tar then chuckles again, giving Mana's head a little pat. "You're in the hands of the best, kiddo. There's no need to be scared, we'll always protect you, alright?" He smiles. Setting her lips together a bit unsurely, Mana looks up into his eyes for a few seconds, before giving a little joyful nod and a bright smile. Tar then chuckles again and rubs at her head, "See? Nothin' to be afraid of!"

The ship then begins rocking slightly, shaking due to their entrance into the atmosphere. Tar leaves his helmet on his lap, not especially concerned whether it falls off or not. A few moments later, and the intense rocking passes, instead replaced with a calm, flowing, confident stride to the planet below. Mana breathes a sigh of relief, but looks over to Tar and flashes a warm smile, thinking to herself. Superheroes...wooooooow...nobody else has superheroes protecting them in her grade, she smugly thought! She was going to take Tar with her everywhere, no one would dare ignore her then! She even started thinking to herself...superheroes. She wants to be one, so she wouldn't ever be ignored again! Her parents would be proud, knowing their daughter grew up to be someone like that!

Smiling brightly and humming happily, Mana lightly kicks her feet as they rapidly approach the surface, feeling utterly untouchable. It's just then however, that an extremely loud BANG rattles the ship, followed by an ungodly tearing, and the sound of wind whipping at her ears. Another loud explosion rips through the air near her, the air smacking against her face like a brick, and Mana yelps out. The ship, half-blown apart by now, begins oscillating uncontrollably, nose facing the ground, before Mana blacks out.

Slowly, consciousness returns to Mana, but sight doesn't. She can hear the faint sounds of burning and screaming, as if it was coming from the back of her mind. She lets out a groan, which is more just her air escaping her lungs, but manages to open her eyes. Everything was blurry. She got scared there for a second, and tried to move, but couldn't. Fearing that she died or broke her back or something, Mana then begins to squirm violently, before she sharply yelps, her leg lighting on fire as she attempts to move. She groans softly again, before realizing that her seat was laying on the ground, with her face in the dirt. She immediately puffs out, blowing dirt along the ground, before slowly, painfully, reaching towards her buckle, and sets herself free, causing her to flop against the ground, and lightly squeak in agony, unable to actually force out a scream.

She'd just be about to attempt to roll her chair over, before she crawls and shifts a bit, nursing her injured leg, and looks around from the little vantage-point she'd gotten. All around her is a desert. She can see some buildings in the distance, but other than that, the only other thing she could see was a lot of wreckage, and lizard-people. What were they, again?...Unathi...right...she thought. Mana then only clues in to what's actually happening in front of her, before the loud snaps of gunfire strike at her ears, followed by screaming as a few of the Unathi fall down. Mana then focuses, and it seems she entirely processes what's happening at this point. Her four guardsmen are standing in front of a hole in the ship, brandishing their machineguns as they fire at the small mob of armored, sword-wielding Unathi running towards them, viciously howling. They hold the line admirably, cutting down the Unathi ravagers, but unfortunately, their weapons begin to run dry. They all run out of ammo at almost the same time, before she hears the familiar voice of Taj ringing out from one of the four. "THEY'RE NEARLY ON US, SECURE THE CASALES'! WE'LL HOLD THEM OFF!" Two of the guardsmen immediately shed magazines from their guns, turning back inside the ship. Taj and the other guardsman growl and reload their weapons, before they continue firing, cutting down more and more of the ravagers, their numbers estimated to be around fifteen at this point.

Mana watches in horror as the first Unathi soldiers close in one the guardsmen, whimpering out as time seems to slow, as if someone pressed a button. The first guard begins to move backwards as a large Unathi descends upon him, bare-handed. He yelps out as his foot catches on a piece of metal glinting out of the sand, and he begins to fall back. The Unathi would continue charging forwards, before tackling the Tajaran, and cracking his skull against the ship's hull, his helmet splitting in two. Her gaze then travels over to Tar, the guardsman managing to shoot down at least two more of the lizards, before one a bit bigger than him charges through the fray and lunges at him. He turns too late, and the Unathi bats the barrel of his gun away, whipping it out of his hands. He then follows up with a vicious slash/punch, which bashes the man backwards, knocking him on his back. Before the Unathi can descend on him, Tar fumbles down at his waist, and immediately withdraws his sidearm, crawling backwards and shooting as many rounds in the Unathi's chest as he could, which makes the lizan fall over, spurting blood and howling in pain.

Tar's sidearm then runs dry, and he looks around critically. He lunges forwards towards his machine-gun, but a thick, scaly foot slams down on it, and his hand. Tar then howls out in pain, gritting his teeth, before the largest Unathi she'd ever seen reaches down and grabs at his neck, peeling his helmet from his head. The black, towering Unathi then slowly raises the man off of his feet, holding him with one hand and staring into his eyes as he choked Tar out. Tar sputters and gasps, clenching his fist, and delivering several punches to the Unathi's side, which does little more than amuse him. Mana's then forced to watch as the Unathi rips Tar's throat out with his bare hands, and drops him to the ground like a sack of flour.

The next few seconds seem to speed back up, Mana's eyes not blinking once as she takes in everything that's happening. The larger, black Unathi commanding the rest of his squad to get inside the ship and find the others, the ringing of gunfire as the two guardsmen still inside likely defend her parents with their lives, before that too is silenced. Caelina and Kalidas are then wrenched out of the ship by the Unathi's goons, yelling and screaming the entire while, before her father manages to push away his captor. He then immediately dives towards a strewn gun, before the Unathi in charge is thrown a club of sorts. He yells something in Sinta'Unathi, and immediately leaps forwards, and brings the club down on her father's head, a sickening crack ringing out through the desert as he grows still.

Her mother then screams out as the Unathi laughs, before slowly approaching the white-furred Tajaran. He begins uttering low hisses and a smug grin down at her as she cries, being held back by another Unathi, before she wrenches free and strikes forwards, claws outstretched, and bats at the Unathi's face, digging deeply at his eyes! Immediately he roars and raises a hand to his eye, which gushes blood around his fingers, and raises his club in an upwards motion, viciously swatting Caelina upside the head with another audible snap.

Then, everything goes dark once more.
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