Nettie P. Clarke ((Comments/Criticism Appreciated!))

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Nettie P. Clarke ((Comments/Criticism Appreciated!))

Postby MatchaFrappe » Mon Feb 29, 2016 9:22 pm

UNSC Military Dossier [Transfer]

NAME: Nettie Payten Clarke M.D., B.S.N.
DATE OF BIRTH: Dec 18, 2533
AGE: 26
SEX: Female
CLEARANCE LEVEL: Staff (Medical, Medical Doctor)
EMPLOYED AS: Medical Doctor

HEIGHT: 160 cm (5'3")
WEIGHT: 58.06 kg (128 lb)
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

Nettie Payten Clarke was born in the growing modern metropolis of General Santos City, Philippines on planet Earth of the Sol system. She was then brought up by her grandfather who adopted her from birth in the megacity Zephyr of the planet Imperium in system Mad'Eon; her mother could not take care of her because she already had one child--her brother Isaac--and, at the time, did not have the finances to bring up another child. Under the nurturing guidance of her grandfather, Clarke blossomed into her talent and intelligence quickly. From then on, Clarke moved through elementary, middle, and high school with many accolades. She was accepted with full scholarship to Imperium College of Nursing. During her time at ICN, the Mad'Eon Royal Academy scouted her and offered her a free ride to study at their university with a choice to be a Scientist, Medical Doctor, or Engineer in their specialized fields. Clarke accepted and joined the academy immediately after her graduation, choosing to be a medical doctor. Clarke then applied for remote study and training, sending her application to many organizations, governments, and corporations. Many accepted her but she chose UNSC under her grandfather's influence; he was a retired marine. She was then assigned to USS Yamakura, one of the few military space-exploration vessels under UNSC, where the Mad'Eon Royal Academy granted her doctorate's after a few years of training and a very satisfactory thesis on "The Benefits of Dietary Habits of Species on Rimworlds to Other Species". By the time her contract expired, the USS Yamakura had arrived in the system of Virgo-Erigone. NanoTrasen found her highly capable and immediately hired her to V.O.R.E. Station where she remains to this day.

  • Medical 9 years

  • 2550 Employment as Nursing Intern
  • 2554 Employment as Nurse/Doctor under UNSC

  • 2549 Enrolled in Imperium College of Nursing. Major: Nursing
  • 2553 Graduates Imperium College of Nursing. Bachelor's of Science degree in nursing
  • 2553 Enrolled in Mad'Eon Royal Academy. Dual-Major: General Surgery, Virology; Minor: Medical Chemistry
  • Doctorate received after 5 years training aboard USS Yamakura
  • In-progress residency of 8 years (4 years remain)

  • 2560 Contract signed. Medical Doctor

  • Close Combat (Amateur)
  • Weaponry (Amateur: Pistol Use)
  • NanoTrasen Law
  • Construction (Can build tables and chairs)
  • Electrical Engineering (Wire APCs and hack doors)
  • Chemistry(Professionally trained aboard USS Yamakura)
  • Medicine(Professionally trained for surgery and virology)
  • IT(Basic knowledge required for operation of crew monitoring console and laptop)
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Re: Nettie P. Clarke ((Comments/Criticism Appreciated!))

Postby MatchaFrappe » Wed Mar 09, 2016 7:25 pm

Heylo everyone~ Everyone's posting their crewmember introductions but I don't see a lot of feedback! Anyway, I'd like to receive any comments or criticism that you can give about the character so I know how to make a profile of one that is more interesting or, at least, how you feel about them OOCly or ICly. Give me your best compliment or your worst roast!
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