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The Menagerie

Postby Zeke Sturm » Tue Aug 11, 2015 7:18 pm

Shamelessly stealing the "Spoiler to condense the page" idea from Demicus because I'm a fan of space-saving

Zeke Arachi
Name: Zeke Arachi
Designation: ARACHI P/X1 S2
Species: Naga Mimic (Originally), Nano/Xenochimera (Presently), Cyborg (Tangentially)
Age: 26
Gender: Intersex - Male secondary/tertiary sexual characteristics, both male and female genetalia
Height: Roughly 6'7"
Weight: Roughly 1.2 tonnes

Formerly a naga-like creature created via somewhat clumsy DNA modification, Zeke remains roughly the same in terms of overall form as he was when he first joined NanoTransen - However, months of work at the station have drastically modified his makeup. Formerly his composition was largely human and snake, and little else - After having both arms and his tail removed, however, roughly 70% of his body is made up of cybernetics, perhaps more. Tall, somewhat slim, with a reasonably well-built core (it is all that's left of his body that benefits from workouts in the end), Zeke sports black hair, green cybernetic eyes, and a pale grey skintone, as well as two rather rudimentary cybernetic arms of his own design, and a complex synthetic tail that is more than capable of simulating the original flesh, complete with a full compliment of synthetic organs. The tail sports broad, black synthetic scales along the top, and silver, almost mylar-like (in appearance at least) underbelly scales. His torso is heavily scarred, especially around his removed limbs and the base of his tail, but he rarely lets that show, somewhat uncomfortable baring his upper half with all the damage it's suffered. His teeth, permanently modified by xenomorph genetics, are translucent and decidedly inhuman, and his tongue and insides are nearly pitch black, even in his formerly human half. In addition, as a result of integrated xenomorph DNA, his tongue has a small opening at its tip, between the forks, that can be used to trap/consume smaller prey.

Created as a biological weapon during the P/X1 batch of genetic experiments at Arachi Labs, Zeke was among the seven experiments (of eight) that failed to deliver on their intended design. Not of the correct temperament for so much as a general footsoldier by the end of the 25 year incubation period, he was contracted under NanoTransen due to a variety of factors - the two most notable being NT's inheritance of the original contract for the P/X1 Batch, and his remaining (read: limited) potential as a security asset. All these factors aside, given what little disposition of the original project ARACHI could be instilled in him, Virgo Orbital Research Establishment remained the only station at which he could effectively operate while maintaining reasonable diplomatic relations, owing to the establishment's... predisposition. During his early days working in the security department on station, an incident that involved another two crewmembers, including his superior officer, resulted in requested/voluntary suspension of his employ. Upon his return, his mental state was altered, presumably by something done to him at Arachi Labs, and both his arms had been removed, one replaced with a prosthetic, the other left a stump. The exact circumstances of his amputation and marked mental state change are unknown, but it took him some time to recover, his mental state recovering after quite a lot of improvised therapy from friends and family. His tail was removed by Yamata Arachi (ARACHI P/X1 S7) shortly after his recovery, after Yamata was captured (and his subsequent death in captivity) due to the murder of one crewmember and the attack on another by his hand. This is the source of his need for a prosthetic tail.

After his recovery, he struck up a relationship with Serkii Miishy, which, while short lived, was relatively intense and led to children - or would have, had he not miscarried. After the miscarriage, due to complications with his tail's assimilation protocols and excessive consumption of xenomorphs, his body composition was heavily altered - details can be found in Report XM249. He has since "recovered" from this alteration, though regression occasionally occurs, largely based on his mental state, though occasionally physical trauma is enough to cause an episode.

Report XM249:
Subject XM249A - "Xeke"

What was clearly, formerly, some sort of Naga, the creature before you is an odd amalgomation of human, robotic, snakelike, and xenomorph parts, his torso relatively unmaimed, in front (with the notable exception of the severe scarring on his torso that was present prior to the mutation). On his back, however, is clear mutation into a xenomorph subtype, spikes and deformations running down his spine and the surrounding area that seem to continue up to the point where his tail becomes synthetic. That prosthetic doesn't seem too overly modified, though the status lights are now constantly a deep green color, and there are points where a xenomorph tail pierces through the outer layer of scales, only to dive back in at various points along the prosthetic, along with signs that his body attempted to mutate into the prosthetic itself. On the note of prosthetics, his arms seem to have grown back, though they seem to have grown through the old prosthetics - Bits and pieces of the metal and wiring remain embedded in the arms. His new limbs are also decisively more Xenomorph-esque than human, and fittingly end in rather sharp claws, though he’s shown remarkable delicacy with them thus far, in most instances.

His biological internal organs seem to have been modified, the insides of his mouth (including his tongue) now glowing a bright green. Where there was formerly a fork, now the tongue can split in a rather gruesome display to consume prey, somewhat similarly to a xenomorph's second maw. His teeth also seem to have been replaced with xenomorph teeth, though they fit in the maw more nicely, and can be hidden by his lips.

His intelligence doesn’t seem to have been decreased - rather his mental state has been regressed. Observations have proved he’s perfectly capable of complex tasks, some more than others (his memories at least seem somewhat intact, if detached), though communication has become nearly impossible. All efforts to communicate resulted poorly, and as for the procedures used to attempt to correct his mental state… most ended in consumption of whichever intern we sent inside.

While his xenomorph-corrupted body and synthetic tail seem to be relatively well synced, it’s noted that his control over the tail’s finer functions have been reduced - for all intents and purposes, it’s running “as nature intended,” though it does seem he knows how to turn the digestive system off, or at least slow his metabolism to a crawl. Though, as a note, the digestion does not seem to be painless, as it was when the nanomachines themselves were doing the work of digesting prey, so it seems his body has once again begun secreting natural digestive enzymes and acids to assist in converting his prey.

Please note that on some days, he is reasonably comparable to his old self in terms of mental status - It seems to be an unpredictable, but reasonably common occurrence. We do not yet know what triggers these “sane days” but we feel it is reasonable to assign him to most of the positions he was previously assigned to whilst sane.

Will be adding to this as I complete more profiles
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