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A catalog of employee profiles, posted by the Human Affairs Department on behalf of employees under each agent's supervision.
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Post topics in this forum as if you're a member of the Human Affairs Department. Use this forum to introduce your new characters and write up their backstories. You can use this place for keeping track of profiles if you don't want to use the chatroom, or if you have a lot of characters and don't want to make a bunch of chat profiles you'll never use.

ID Templates

Postby Vorrarkul » Tue Aug 11, 2015 7:09 pm


Want a super sexy Nanotrasen ID like this? Then grab one from the link below! It comes in Standard Employee Green, Head of Department White, Captain Gold, and CentCom Blue!

-> <-

The little box in the upper left is for an image of your character, the EXP line is the expiration date. I believe that's all I need to clarify on. Enjoy!
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