Rylee Vorrarkul

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Rylee Vorrarkul

Postby Vorrarkul » Tue Aug 11, 2015 6:51 pm


Rylee Vorrarkul, xenomorph-human hybrid and cheerful, curious, timid member of the Virgo crew. Born of the mysterious Project Swarm, a lot of her history is hidden to most people, including herself. She came here after failing to be accepted into Project Swarm's 'Phase 3', and worked as a Janitor, keeping to herself and absolutely terrified that people would freak out if they saw her. Instead, she found a tolerant, accepting crew and loving, loyal friends, and is proud to be listed on Virgo's personnel manifest.

After a while of being accepted, Rylee decided she could do more than clean floor for the station, and shifted into Detective work. As she sometimes joked, "It's a bit of a lateral move; I still lurk in dark corners and eavesdrop on conversations." Joking aside, she worked her new job diligently, frequently sending reports straight to CentCom if her immediate superiors were unavailable. She worked so hard, in fact, that Nanotrasen saw fit to promote her, and with some help from her friends, scaled the ladder up to Warden and then Head of Security.

After a while, though, security started to weigh down on her spirits; constant interaction with mischief makers and real criminals left her tired and just a bit cynical. So, on the advice of her dearest friend, she transferred to the Research Department, and after trying her hand at a few disciplines, settled on Xenoarcheology.

And that is her story so far.


The following are excerpts from the logs of Project Swarm Xenobiologist, Doctor Henry Osterweiss, who oversaw Rylee's raising and testing at the [REDACTED] Installation.

Transcript Excerpt, Project Swarm Audiolog Rylee-04
Reason for Release: Pertinent information to medical care.
As for her biology, she shares many traits with true xenomorphs. Her blood has a higher than average acidity, but that means little since [REDACTED]. All it does is irritate the skin. Due to her higher ph balance, she is also resistant to many other acidic substances; while it is unlikely she can shrug off true xenomorph blood, substances like gastric acid seem to have no effect on her. Her psychology is extremely docile, it seems that [REDACTED] has rendered her completely tame except when destabilized by hunger or emotional upheaval. Oh, I keep forgetting; the subject seems to suffer from intense agoraphobia, and dislikes large crowds and large, lit rooms; open space petrifies her.

Transcript Excerpt, Project Swarm Audiolog Rylee-06
Reason for Release: Pertinent information to personnel management.
Her aptitude for learning new skills is beyond questioning, she is an inquisitive and curious creature who is very willing to learn when given the opportunities. However, I recommend limiting her training to [REDACTED] since she is to take the phase 3 examinations soon. She is loyal and brave, yet reserved and easily cowed by authority at the same time.

Transcript Excerpt, Project Swarm Audiolog Rylee-07
Reason for Release: Pertinent information to security briefings.
Subject has shown little aptitude for combat when stable, often seeking nonviolent routes; she has repeatedly [REDACTED], and as such I cannot recommend her for phase 3. In a protective role, however, she seems very apt, and her loyalty is not in question. Still, her instability when hungry or emotional can cause problems if she isn't carefully monitored; she has proven ruthless and covert when destabilized. When the staff forget to bring her her meals, she has to be restrained as she begins to behave more like a true xenomorph. Another thing to note is that she frequents the maintenance tunnels of our installation, seeming to dislike the wider, lit hallways.
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