Brandon/brandy draca

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Brandon/brandy draca

Postby warbrand2 » Sun Aug 09, 2015 1:42 pm

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Name: Brandon/brandy Draca [classified] (name isn't classified legally changed last name to that in 2556)
Gender: Male/female
DoB: may 6, 1993
DoC(cloned): may 20, 2537
Species: kitsune
Secondary Languages: N/A
Blood Type: O+

Nanotrasen Relation: skeptical
Employee since: July 9, 2558

Medical record: (temp)
Brandon Draca has been noted to be mentally unstable at time if not all the time, his personality seems to range from hard working no nonsence to lets see what happens when I aim a taser at the HoP. no diagnoses has been given for this, though therapy has been attempted several times, each time concluded that he is not all there.

prier medical experments and operations.

may 20, 2540: Brandon wa "cloned" from a sample from [redacted] labs the sample was given as part of a will from long ago.
dec 2, 2548: a failed escape atemped from cloning facility resulted in the loss of his left lunge.
aug 20, 2558: removed security and recording chips from brain, as where damaging mental functions.
may 6, 2559: genetic reprogrammed to change fur color from grey to brown.
unkown: was turned into a female by a rather shifty predator memory lost of event.

special note: Brandon seems to have a rare neurological disorder causing him to hazily remember life after being cloned. This disorder allows him to remember how he died but not where, when or how did it. It is thought that this memory linkage is responsible for his slowly decreasing mental state.. suggestion to find memory wipers and use when cloning as to convenience him he was knocked out by something instead of died. though it may be to late for this.

security records:
brandon has a history of breaking and entering, he also has a history of hacking his NT files and adding stuff to them. Though this has been corrected. IT should be noted while Brandon has little skill with any weapon or tool he can be highly inventive in use, if he needs to defend himself. In short terms make sure he is stripped of everything before jailing this guy has used a PDA to knock out a gaurd before.

detainment record
note: before July 9, 2558 is classified

July 11, 2558: caught breaking into medical via an unlocked door.
July 12, 2558: found locked in perma brig still can't figure out how he got there
July 13, 2558: found in mining doing their job with out permit was reassigned to mining after this.
aug 20, 2558: had to be detained and operated on after a [redacted] event, was put on 2 week leave after this.
oct 29, 2558: hacked files removing information about himself and the event in August
Oct 30, 2558: the following rider was added to sec details: if caught breaking and entering detain how ever wish, and give max sentence this guy seems to not learn that just cause it is open doesn't mean he can enter. rider was added in response to breaking into a bridge on another NT station.
dec 2, 2558: was banned from using plasma cutters.

Employment records
Brandons employment is mostly bottom work, as either an assistant or lower job crew member such as a janitor. though sense his cloning he has been given training in Mining, Botony, xenobiology, and minor engineering training. Sadly there is no data on his past jobs do to his being a clone and having his records for this classified.

skills: Above Average (12)
Command: untrained
Botany: Amateur
cooking: untrained (has managed to light water on fire)

Close combat: Amateur
weapons Expertise: untrained
Forensics: untrained
NanoTrasen Law: untrained (and doesn't seem to care)

Extra-vehicular activity: untrained
Construction: amateur
Electrical Engineering: untrained
Atmospherics: untrained
Engines: untrained
Heavy Machinery Operation: Trained

Complex Devices: Untrained (but seems to learn their used quickly)
Information Technology: Untrained
Genetics: Amateur
Chemistry: Untrained
Science: Amateur

Medicine: Untrained and untrusting
Anatomy: Trained
Virology: Amateur
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