Demicus's Characters! UPDATED!

A catalog of employee profiles, posted by the Human Affairs Department on behalf of employees under each agent's supervision.
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Demicus's Characters! UPDATED!

Postby Demicus_Maximus » Sat Aug 08, 2015 5:03 am

((Character list for Demicus_Maximus, with all known characters. Many one-off characters are not included.))
((UPDATED 09/02/2015! Improved layout, added a section for the Intrepid, added thumbnails. Will finish at some point.))
((UPDATED 12/17/2015! Removed the Intrepid, added the Fortitude, and deleted the Columbia bits till I can rewrite them.))

((UPDATE 10/17/2016! Significant re-write in progress~))


    Greyson Maximus - Deputy Chief of Security (Central Command)
    29 year old herm catgirl. Very tall, strong, and confident. She has served with the crew of Virgo Orbital since December of 2557, making her one of the longest serving crew aboard. In 2559 she was given a job at Central Command as representative. Later given the role of Deputy to the Chief of Security. She helps oversee all Security matters in the Virgo-Erigone system, from Central Command and the Virgo Orbital colony, to the police and civil defense personnel of Virgo Prime.

    ADVISEMENT: Assaults or other unfriendly actions taken against her daughters is ill-advised. If you want to live a long life with all your limbs and sexual organs attached, do not mess with her daughters.

    Primary skills: Greyson is foremost a fighter and soldier. She excels in combat scenarios, and is well known for her use of force multipliers such as security bots, sentry guns, barricades, and mines. Most of her time aboard VORE has been in the security department.

    Secondary skills: She is competent as a field medic or combat engineer, but not an expert.

    Strengths: Physically powerful, high endurance, quick learner, neko flexibility, significant experience.
    Weaknesses: Paranoia, insomnia, brash, overconfident, little family discipline, as of yet unexplained medical condition of the brain.

    Scarlett Shadow- Captain / Site Manager


    Mara Kaufmann - Head of Security
    23 year old female anthro cheetah. Tall and lithe, she is foremost a runner. Has worked for Nanotrasen for one year, with little previous experience. She claims she is the fastest person aboard, but that she cannot reach her top speed while hampered by footwear, or when barefoot on the metal deck plating.

    Skills: Mara has trained well for close combat, but prefers to keep an enemy at a distance. She has little experience outside of Security.

    Strengths: Speed, agility, flexibility, sharp reflexes, acclimatized to arid environments and heat, and a generally caring demeanor.

    Weaknesses: Almost addicted to fish, really enjoys being inside a larger predator's mouth, hates going EVA.

    M'ress Tash'n - Warden
    26 year old anthro tigress. Tall with an average build, large breasts. Has been an employee of Nanotrasen for years, previously working at Virgo CentCom. She lost her left arm during an encounter with a rouge medbot. Uncomfortable with mechanical replacements, she has opted to work without her arm. Transferred to VORE as CentCom required her to have two arms to keep serving there.

    Skills: Lifelong security guard, studying law from a young age. She can handle herself in a fight, and her one-armed combat technique is unusually effective, as few martial arts seem to consider their opponent may not have an arm.

    Strengths: Easygoing, cheerful, matronly, strong, caring.

    Weaknesses: High libido, lower than average endurance, missing an arm for fucks sake!


    Rose Gibson - Chief Engineer
    1 year old human. Massive seven foot tall woman, built like a tank with equally massive breasts. Born after a mixup involving a murder investigation and an un-monkey, Rose was given memory imprinting therapy and intense genetic alteration. What resulted was an incredibly strong, very smart, yet very kind woman. Though human now, she advocates for the rights of un-monkey's.

    Skills: Her memory imprinting was focused around engineering skills, making her highly skilled, but highly specialized.

    Strengths: Kind, brave, intelligent, and of course strength is one of her biggest strengths.

    Weaknesses: Little actual experience, social interaction is still dodgy, and she will become distant and cold to anyone that abuses unmonkey's.

    Cemi Jinjhal - Captain
    22 year old catgirl. Moderate height with large bust. Served as engineer for several months before being promoted to Chief Engineer. Shortly after this promotion, Cemi became pregnant, and gave birth to her daughter, Kimi. Less than a month later, she was found to be acting as an unknowing informant for the Syndicate. Thanks to the actions of the acting Head of Security, she was able to assist in bringing down several sleeper agents within Virgo Central Command itself. Several months of investigation and moving around later, she has returned to VORE with the blessing of Central Command, and has been authorized to act as Captain. She has been permanently loyalty implanted.

    Skills: Cemi is first and foremost an engineer, who specializes in construction and atmospherics. She has taken several first response classes to gain some medical knowledge.

    Strengths: Cemi is kind, and puts the well being of others ahead of her own. She is a dedicated mother as well.

    Weaknesses: She is not much of a fighter, terrified of spiders, and suffers from anxiety when working preforming EVA work.

    Erica North - Engineer
    18 year old human girl. A former Syndicate operative, Erica was saved from certain execution by Greyson Maximus. In return, the bright young girl gave them mountains of information. Most of it useless, it nevertheless was exciting for NT and Federation analysts, who were able to use it to map out a syndicate base, and provide rough intelligence as to its staff and location. She has since been working a quiet job as a loyalty implanted engine technician. ((OOC NOTE: Character adopted from Olive Darkstar))

    Skills: The quiet girl is actually a pretty good engineer, and has a keen eye for technical problems.

    Strengths: Excellent memory, can go long periods with little human contact, youthful.

    Weaknesses: Not very strong, very submissive, easily depressed.


    Alyssia Vvardenfell - Anomalist / Xenoarchaeologist

    Makayla Ebonheart - Roboticist

    Gale Mellow - Xenobiologist

    Sevina 'Seven' Mathusa - Chief Medical Officer / Surgeon

    Jenny IX - Medical Doctor

    Kahoko Maximus - Quartermaster

    Sylvi Skjeggestad - Prospector

Greyson's Starship
Ship name: CMM Frontier
Registry: KS6-GMF
Ship Type: M6c Corvette



    - History of the planet

    - Government and armed forces

    - The Maximus Estate
    Sight from one of the guest houses

    In 2558, Greyson Maximus purchased five million acres of land from the government of Columbia, far off the beaten track even by this planet's standards. An eighteen hour drive from the nearest city, it is almost exclusively accessed by air. Nestled in the foothills of a large mountain range, this old growth forest features mild summers, and beautiful but harsh winters. The estate is built beside a clean mountain lake. If one stands on the roof and looks north, one could see massive, snow capped mountains. To the east, the calm lake and its snaking streams. To the west, a long firing range, then a wall of thick forest. And to the south, the gently rolling foothills, fading off into the distance, with the occasional meadow creating gaps in the otherwise unbroken sea of green trees.

    There are many buildings in the estate complex. The largest is the main house. Three levels tall, with two basement levels, this huge building has sixteen bedrooms, eighteen baths, theatre, indoor pool, small gym, an extensive library, and more. Built with the intention of housing the entire family, many of the rooms lie empty. The house is a combination of wood and stone, featuring a muted, simple aesthetic design.

    The next largest building is the garage. Functioning also as a hangar, the building is set partially into the ground. It houses one D77H-TCI "Pelican", four M12 FAV "Warthog" vehicles, several ATV's and motorbikes of varying origin, and a sizable workshop for maintaining these vehicles.

    There are five guest houses a bit further from the house. Each is a two bedroom, one bath unit with kitchen and small living room. Two barracks are closer to the road, each housing a maximum of fifty people, with showers, small office, and a mess hall. Two landing pads with a reinforced and blast-shielded fueling station lie towards the edge of the complex. Finally, the extensive gardens on the south side have a handful of sheds for tools and other gardening goods.

    Other than the family, there are a number of other people living at the estate:
    - Cemi Jinjhal and her young daughter
    - E'manafa M.
    - Tseh M, Sister to E'manafa
    - Two full time maids
    - One full time groundskeeper


    DECEASED PERSONNEL May they rest in pepperoni.
      Jess Danglers - Herm lioness. Afflicted by a genetic disorder that prevented cloning. Met their fate on 8/31/2559 as a cumstain on the Xenobio floor.

      Subject III - Female Neko. Test subject sent by an NT subsidiary to VORE as they were a 'failure'. Was devoured in 2558.

      Subject V - Female Neko. Test subject sent by an NT subsidiary to VORE as they were a 'failure'. Brutally murdered in 2558. Brain stolen, final fate unknown.
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