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Nightwing's Hoard

Postby Nightwing » Thu Aug 20, 2015 7:48 am

I'll list my characters here in spoilers, in order of who you're most likely to see me playing as! But not yet. Gimme a day or three. Or 190. Whoops.

Nova Catherina
Name: Nova Lacecraft Catherina
Gender: Female
Species: Sergal
Age: 19
Job: Chef
Height: 4' 06"
Weight: Slim, putting on weight due to easier access to food


Nova is a short and shy red-furred sergal with a white belly and bright blue eyes. She can be a little clumsy and seems to have an aversion to human men, but on the other hand, she's also engaged to one, although that's a whole other story. Nova is about 3/4 the size of a normal human and would probably only come up to your chest. She smiles shyly and occasionally stutters while speaking to people, especially tall people. She loves to cook, though! And can often be found in the kitchen because of this.

Vore: Nova is primarily prey and I am getting a little tired of playing her in pred roles at the moment ^^; She's somewhat different towards vore depending on who's doing it. If it's somebody she knows and trusts, chances are she's going willingly. If not, she'll squirm and wriggle all the way. Further, she's a secret fan of the idea of being shrunk down and played with by someone bigger!

Name: Zasx
Gender: Male
Species: Fox (or rather, an alien very similar to a fox)
Age: 22, nearly 23
Job: Engineer, Chief Engineer
Height: 2' 02"
Weight: Slim

Description: A very short fox with a mechanical left arm, Zasx is a little on the quiet side. Because he's mute. He can't speak via his own mouth thanks to a horrific accident involving the booze dispenser, a multitool, no gloves, and an overpowered engine, which is why he teaches the importance of safety with electronics. His arm does contain a speaker, but it can only speak a few words at a time before shutting back down, so he uses it rarely. His body is covered with bright cyan fur, with white patches all over, like a fox.

Vore: Mostly prey, and usually unwilling. But, for anyone he knows well enough to trust, he'll go down willingly and rather happily! On the other end of the spectrum, he can be a very stretchy bugger, and has been known to slurp entire humans down his cock, but usually only while drunk!

Sam Softpaw
Name: Sam Softpaw
Gender: Herm
Species: Alsatian Taur (German Shepherd)
Age: 41
Job: Librarian
Height: 11' 03"
Weight: Lots!


A large and cuddly canine taur is Sam, with flowing auburn hair and pretty green eyes! Although large and rather fat, she seems to get by just fine, ducking through doors and even letting others use her belly as a beanbag in the library. As a librarian with loads of spare time on her hands, she can perform some tasks outlined in the books she has - but very slowly, and constantly checking the pages for instructions! There's also certain things that set off "dog mode" - tummy-scritches, excessive petting, telling her to "sit", "shake", "speak", etc, all can lead towards this. She just acts like a huge puppy for a while, she'll calm down eventually.

Vore: Pure pred! With two big bellies and a big hyper shaft between her legs, she's not exactly lacking in places to stuff prey. All you gotta do is ask! Sometimes. Others, she'll come to you~
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