A Dump from Human Affairs ((Seert's Cast))

A catalog of employee profiles, posted by the Human Affairs Department on behalf of employees under each agent's supervision.
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A Dump from Human Affairs ((Seert's Cast))

Postby Seert » Fri Oct 27, 2017 9:53 pm

((Note: This is really just for fun, and this will not be a complete list, it is simply my notable/most used characters. Other characters may get a separate thread for themselves if ever I decide to profile them. Large blank spaces where clearance is needed are just blocks of white text, so highlight it. I apologize for any semblance of a comedic side story there is in the following profiles))

det Valmar, Mire

Species: Human*
Subtype: Martian (fifth generation)
Sex: Female
Age: Early 20s
Status: Missing (Black Notice: Length of Disappearance > 6 months, possibly deceased and unreclaimable; investigation open, low priority)
Position: Resident; Various, low priority crew positions; Junior Officer
Eye color: Reddish Brown
Hair color: Dark Brown
Skin: Martian tan
*There has been some noted anomalies that indicate she may be a human/canine morph hybrid, nothing outward showing this save for slightly extended canine teeth.
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 137

Mire det Valmar has no notable security incidences.

Confidential report, COM LEVEL CROWN REQUIRED TO VIEW: Observation has indicated Mire is, frankly, hapless and is frequently preyed upon. There are indications that she exhibits subconscious predatory instincts, but nothing has manifested yet.

Regarding her recent disappearance, we have traced her steps back to a night club where we pulled up images of her meeting and leaving the club with employee Juri Palciti. It has been noted that Juri not only exhibits strong predatory traits, but gained significant weight as indicated hours after the encounter, and has been noted to be wearing accessories belonging to Mire. Palciti has not yet reported the incident. She has access to a private cloning pod, however, so time will tell. Until then, confidential record considers Mire det Vormer to be deceased.
Cause of death: eaten and digested alive by a fellow crewmember.

((The following spoiler regards Mire's status OOCly))
I attempted to play as Mire seriously on Baystation at some point where she was given her original name, Mire det Vormer. In preparation for this, I wound up deleting her slot on V.O.R.E. with the IC implication that she was permavored by my second character, Juri. This will change in the future since I no longer play on Baystation and Mire has vorish potential, plus it has been suggested that I bring her back. She's here in the list because of that AND because she was my first character on this server.

Palciti, Juri
Image: ((Basically Momiji but actually a wolf.))

Species: Hybrid
Subtype: Human/Wolfmorph ("Wolf Girl")
Sex: Female
Age: Mid 20s
Status: Active
Position: Security Officer
Clearance Notes: SEC LEVEL 3 REQUIRED: Organic-Brig-Capable. Note: Clearance only in emergency, must be observed. See security notes.
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: White
Skin: Pale
Height: 7'
Weight: 200

Juri Palciti has few notable security incidences. Predatory habits are notable. She also has a noted dislike of cult activity. SEC LEVEL 3 REQUIRED: She has a pretty express interest in digesting mostly anything that she eats. While she has proven restraint in the tests, she digested two of the of the ten drill participants completely, and one partially before restraining herself. She is cleared for Organic Brig duty, but she may need to be observed. Security record reflection on this situation pending.

COM LEVEL CROWN Confidential report: Miss Palciti's predatory leanings have rarely been challenged. She has become more vigilant to ensure she is not preyed upon. We are aware of her consumption of Mire det Vormer. She can't really hide her dietary habits very well as she likes to sport a sizeable stomach. She is still, however,
capable of duties required of her.

Image (right):

Species: Teshari
Sex: Female
Age: Early 20s
Status: Active
Position: Colony resident, Psychologist
Eye Color: Purple-Blue
Feather Color: Blue-Green
Downy Color: Teal
Height: N/A, see Length
Length: 10'
Weight: ~150

Leniaa is naturally a Teshari, but a vague incident has made her partially a Lamia. She is still fit for duty.

COM LEVEL CROWN Confidential report: She is basically as voracious as a Lamia as well, but can keep herself restrained unless a mood hits her. She has some... curious traits regarding her nether regions. The incident also resulted in her sprouting injection-style fangs and a venom gland that injects a paralytic.

No Image on file.
Species: Teshari
Sex: Male
Age: Late Teens
Status: Active
Position: Colony resident, Cargo Technician, Miner, Test Subject (compulsory), former Xenobotanist
Eye Color: Blue
Feather Color: Blue
Downy Color: Dark gray
Height: 3'
Weight: 35

Neiseri has had several security offences before and after joining the Adephagia workforce, although as of late his habit seems to have been broken. Charges include breaking and entering, trespassing, smuggling narcotics, selling narcotics, brandishing unlicensed weaponry, robbery. Security notice: He has been cleared to be organically detained.

COM LEVEL CROWN Confidential report: Correct if wrong: Neiseri seems to enjoy being devoured to a point.

Edit: Confirmed. Neiseri enjoys being devoured enough that he seeks out predatory crewmembers sometimes. Unconfirmed are reports that he has tampered with his records to include the automatic organic brigging clearance or that he has had some sort of procedure that allows backup implants to store more information prior to death, allowing him to remember up to seconds before the point of death instead of minutes, allowing him to recall digestion. Note: he's a weird one.

Notice: Please remember to be formal and concise with your reports. [REDACTED NAME] has been sacked for failure to provide such an addition to the report. Pending termination.
As of [REDACTED DATE AND TIME], [REDACTED NAME] has been terminated and is awaiting transfer into our breeding subprogram.

Coz, Aelen
((Drawn by Brown))

Species: Fox morph
Subtype: Inner Desert Fennec
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Status: Active
Position: Colony resident, Mechatronic Engineer, Electrician
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Light Brown
Fur Color: Light, White Frontal
Height: 3'1"
Weight: ~75

Aelen Coz has minor security offenses on her record. One count of evasion in which she walked out of a scene she was involved in that was being dealt with by security and attempting to escape security when she was ordered to return. She has been identified as an accomplice in Incident GP-99 but her exactly involvement in unknown due to lackluster record of the Incident.

COM LEVEL CROWN Confidential report: Coz is very capable of predator action, is aware of it, and has acted on it towards crewmembers. This, however, is a very rare occurrence and is often due to her reliance on devices such as the Size Gun and the Bluespace Jumpsuit allowing her to at least double her height. This, however, is often not the case, and she is preyed upon often, and very often it is against her will. She has a noted affinity for those with some weight on them ("chubby" people) which has lead her into dangerous situations that have ended in her becoming prey. Noteworthy is that Crewmember [REDACTED], who devoured her for her involvement during Incident GP-99, is a friend of hers who has eaten her repeatedly.

Coz has a mild distrust of kitsune and husky crewmembers and outwardly declares it at times, yet analyses show she has some level of admiration for kitsune to the point of attraction.
Her opinion on huskies is similar. A similar idiosyncrasy seems to be developing regarding taurs. More information needs to be gathered.

Lskauk, Ilso
No image on file.
Species: Unathi
Sex: Female
Age: Mid-20s
Status: Active
Position: Colony resident, Maid, Bartender (is required), Junior Officer
Clearance Notes: SEC LEVEL 3 REQUIRED: Organic-Brig-Capable. May require observation.
Eye Color: Dark Green
Scale Color: Purple-Blue, Teal frontal
Features: Spines
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 160

Ilso Lskauk has few security infractions.

SEC LEVEL 3 REQUIRED: The circumstances of Ilso's employment are effectively a punishment by a small elder council of Unathi from her colonial homeworld. She has essentially been evicted from any position she once had and is to be a colony resident indefinitely working either as Maid or as JO. It is not an overtly strict punishment but she follows the council's orders, which include a mandate that she must be implanted whenever she is on the station. Her Organic Brig clearance examination showed she refrained from digesting 9 out of 10 drill participants. The final participant did not obey orders to lessen the simulation effect and effectively broke actual law in an attempt to make the simulation "good".
Participant has been transferred, but Lskauk showed too strong a willingness to digest. She may need to be observed when cleared to organically brig.

COM LEVEL CROWN Confidential report: Her reason for this exile is that she displayed what was deemed "cowardly action" in a hunting party while attempting to destroy a beast called 'Shadestalker'. Her team was devoured, and instead of charging after the beast immediately, she tracked it to its den and then killed it. by then her team was thoroughly digested. The trauma of this resulted in a minor incident where she forced herself down another Unathi's throat, basically, and she was then ordered to have the implants upon some higher threats. She may seek predatory criminals or creatures in ways hazardous to her well being in the hope of being eaten.

That aside, she is an equally capable predator and enjoys it, though she tries to keep herself in shape to reduce the impact on her weight. This was observed in the aftermath of her consumption of [REDACTED NAME], the final Organic brigging participant.

Note: Breaking protocol as OBC drill participant is subject to immediate termination. [REDACTED NAME] was terminated upon succumbing to Miss Lskauk's digestive system and was thus transferred into the nutritional program for Unathi.
Addendum: A warning has been issued from upper management for the prior statement and will be correct thusly: "[REDACTED NAME] was out and out digested and her mind backup information was deleted, she's lucky if Lskauk kept any of the fat she became. Say it outright instead of the 'nutritional program' nonsense, we already dealt with [REDACTED NAME] when they reported the 'breeding program' nonsense after that one incident, and to clarify that, we had his 'program partner' outright eat him after the 'facilitation'. We outright mean we had her fuck him and eat him to feed her AND the kid he fathered. Stop this crap, it was cute once, now it's not funny."
Addendum 2: Prior orders from upper management have been withdrawn in part. Reason: "Fuck you, Clara, it's hilarious."
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