Kee Valentine

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Kee Valentine

Postby rowan » Mon Aug 14, 2017 8:00 pm

ImageA picture denoting a blue eyed blue furred demi cat boy waving is seen as the folder is open, bulging with notes of disciplinary action and terrible accidents. Much of which is redacted.
As you flip through the files you find the history and backstory of a unique and rather storied life of a rather generic looking and plain faced Neko.
While neither tragic nor inspiring, you can see the history open up more and more as the files redirect again and again.
As the dates trace back, again and again, it's hard to see how someone so small and unthreatening could have a history so bizarre, unique, terrifying, endearing and all in all just plain funny and unlucky.
Perhaps it's their innately curious nature, perhaps they just have a habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, maybe they just invite this kind of behavior.
Or maybe... all that unknown history... perhaps it's hidden behind those redacted marks and missing notes. Oh the mystery~
"I wouldn't try looking~ Even I can't remember."
You freeze as a voice rings from above, a blue catboy falling from the ceiling, how did you not notice him?
They stand up, looking even smaller and more diminutive in person, so innocent and alluring.
"I wouldn't worry about it. If I don't why should you? C'mon! Let's go see if I can show you a fun distraction!~"
As you walk away with the boy, alluring aromas collect around your nose and your mouth begins to drool.

Kee is a non-consensual prey bait. He is unaware of his role outside of seeing himself as a target for the lusts and hunger of many a predator, both sexual and otherwise. He's brighter and more skilled than he lets on but seems to avoid confrontation at all situations. He works as a xenobiologist, knowing the skills needed to duplicate the effects of skilled lab xenobiologists, but his true skill is his ability to get close and stealth around dangerous creatures that would otherwise see him harmed, working in the field. The irony of this is extreme. Kee's an observer and a free spirit. He HATES to be corralled, but at the same time, finds himself drawn to bdsm and other such communities. His curiosity is his greatest weakness.
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