User: Jeremiah 'Ace' Acacius

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User: Jeremiah 'Ace' Acacius

Postby Aces » Fri Aug 07, 2015 3:17 pm

Name: Jeremiah 'Ace' Acacius
Gender: Male
DoB: June 17th, 2530
Species: Human
Secondary Languages: N/A
Blood Type: O-

Nanotrasen Relation: Loyal
Employee since: January 1st, 2558

Medical Record
Suffers PTSD from various traumatic events on-station. Has a particularly intense hatred of clowns for reasons unknown. Diagnosed with prehypertension. His genetics display a 50% human, 15% taur, and 35% naga traits due to his family line. Suffers some mild depression. If a psychiatrist is on board and Ace is available, he should be requested to visit.

Security Record
Ace possesses an open carry permit for 1x M45D Tactical Shotgun loaded with stun rounds. This permit does NOT allow the use of normal shells, or beanbag rounds which can be harmful if fired at close range, outside of an emergency situation. This permit was originally written by former VORE captain Kessmia in January 2558 and ratified by Central Command, then later renewed by CentCom representative Greyson Maximus. This permit may be revoked if he violates the terms of the permit or violates other policies of the alert level currently in place (see Standard Operating Procedure for details).

Ace has displayed poor obedience to security procedure in the past, though has since improved. Still, do not allow him to make arrests on his own. He may skip the part about requesting a suspect to come quietly and move straight to firing on them with stun rounds and arresting them. This has fortunately not resulted in a lawsuit yet, but Ace has been warned to cease this behavior or risk losing his license to carry.

On the other hand, should Ace resist arrest, due to his military background, the Chief of Security insists that station security personnel should NOT hesitate to use non-lethal force without warning.

Ace has been suspended from the role of Captain on two separate occasions. The first incident was [DATA REDACTED], and the second incident was due an incident on the 11th of August in 2558, in which an excessive use of self defense by Ace which resulted in a bartender suffering injuries that were ultimately (but unintentionally) fatal. Ace's weapon permits were not revoked because the incident did not involve any weapons at all. Charges were dropped by the Head of Security, but an incident report submitted by another security member to Central Command prompted a 1 week suspension. An investigation was conducted against Ace and the Head of Security but no convictions were made by the Chief of Security.

Employment Record
Former Second Lieutenant Jeremiah Acacius was a pilot of the United Nations Space Command, more commonly known as UNSC, which is the main military, exploratory, and scientific agency of the Unified Earth Government. 'Ace' (as he prefers to be known) graduated from the Mare Nubium Academy (located on Luna, Earth, in the Sol system) in late 2549. He was stationed on Reach until the 28th of June in 2552, during which time he flew D77-TC Pelicans on mainly logistic missions. On June 17th, Ace and his co-pilot Warrant Officer Mindy Elvina went absent without leave to a local bar to celebrate Ace's 22nd birthday. Ace was later found in his barracks with a swollen stomach and no sign of Mindy besides scattered clothes. He was arrested by MPs and found guilty of negligent behaviour, unauthorized leave, and was decided responsible for the death of his co-pilot. He was dishonourably discharged by the end of June and sent back to his home planet Peran. This however would later prove to be to his advantage, as he narrowly avoided the Covenant invasion of Reach.

Ace joined Nanotrasen's first Virgo Orbital Research Establishment in January of 2558 and quickly rose through the ranks. Despite no real combat experience outside of training, his military and command training has proven its self on numerous occasions. He began as a Quartermaster on the VORE under the command of Captain Kessmia and later rose to Head of Personnel, until finally he'd replace former Captain Kessmia. He is now the station's longest serving Captain, as well as one of the most respected.

Ace has extensive understanding of combat and command. Crew morale and safety is generally high under his leadership. However he has been suspended from his role of Captain on two separate occasions. See security entries for details.

Despite his rocky past and lack of formal military experience, Ace is an effective and influential leader. Thanks to his service on the VORE, he's gained experience in live combat, he understands the construction of mechanized exosuits, and he has very good experience in extra-vehicular activity (EVA). He also has minor skills in construction and repair, and a very basic understanding of medical response and chemistry.

Now carries a medal for the Robust Security Award after preventing another crew member from committing suicide. Also carries a Medal of Extrodinary Heroism for his leadership during the Redspace crisis in October of 2558.

Current skill level: Exceptional (18)
Command: Professional (Graduate of UNSC Officer's Academy)
Botany: Untrained
Cooking: Untrained

Close Combat: Amateur
Weapons Expertise: Trained (Graduate of UNSC Military Academy)
Forensics: Untrained

Extra-vehicular activity: Trained (Graduate of UNSC Military Academy)
Construction: Untrained
Electrical Engineering: Untrained
Atmospherics: Amateur
Engines: Untrained (Certified by Nanotrasen for Basic Supermatter Engine Operation, but fell out of practice)
Heavy Machinery Operation: Trained (Certified by Nanotrasen for Mechanized Exosuit Operation)

Complex Devices: Untrained
Information Technology: Untrained
Genetics: Untrained
Chemistry: Untrained
Science: Untrained

Medicine: Amateur
Anatomy: Untrained
Virology: Untrained
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Re: User: Jeremiah 'Ace' Acacius

Postby Aces » Sun Nov 12, 2017 4:42 pm

this is old as shit and need to be rewritten lol
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