Wolstrak - A Settler Story

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Wolstrak - A Settler Story

Postby PontifexMinimus » Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:08 pm

Stars are not free.

This is the age old saying amongst humans and even today it still holds an absolute truth of Humanity. As soon there are stars to grasp, planets to settle and asteroids to exploit, people will flock to the unknown frontiers. Adventuring lust, greed or simply because they want a new lease on life, the fringes are ripe with all kinds of people, desiring to eke out their own existence amongst cold, hostile stars. But stars are not free, the right to rule and prosper needs to be paid for. With sweat, cash or blood. Or all three.

The Vilous colonisation rush is no difference. As Vilous was discovered, there is a new large supply line SolGov has to support. Military convoys, escorts and patrols are deployed along this new shipping line as the USDF follows its own interests, making a safe passageway for a plethora of people to spill into the nearby systems. Knights of Luck or Reavers of Woe alike settle into the most remote regions just after. Sometimes providing a dumping ground for SolGov for unwanted, sometimes securing critical resources for human occupation in this turn of the galaxy, some just profitting and profitting and justifying their existence either by being chased by bounty hunters or by reinvesting into the occupation effort of Vilous.

This story is one set in this Era of Colonisation, a windfall for humans desillusionised by a hawkish SolGov, of botched invasions and paranoia over the Hegemony. This is the Story of the Woltstrak Sector, a cluster of suns, unusually habitable (at least it wasn't completely barren rocks) for Humanity, picked apart by a myriad conflicting factions during the decades of settlement. You are leader of one of these factions, a Director leading his Colony either to ruin or prosperity. Mayhaps, this story will be one of Unification- For any side you pick.

Welcome to Wolstrak - A Frontier Story.

What is this?
Mainly a thought and worldbuilding exercise for me and a CYOA game for you guys! Welcome in the role as a Colony Director in the world of Virgo lore. It is actually fairly simple. You guys just choose the "foci" laid out to you, which are always dependent on your situation at hand and try to deal with the problems in some form or another. Building up industry, society and, if needed, military, you steer the direction the colony will go. The "game" is turn-based, which each turn a quarter. During a quarter, you get the happenings of the last three months and then may decide which next foci you want to pick for the next.

Pick one of the following CHARTER Foci :

Civilian Charter
Yours is a story of Exploration, Settling and Decision. Decision on how to guide your society, on whom to follow. Or what to lead. Mayhaps your colony becomes one of the major players of the Sector or even in the whole human colonised bubble.
Maybe you are loyal to SolGov or opposed to it- Mayhaps, you are just an entepreneur with a couple of employees trying to make a living. You will start with a few funds and a small workbase with a lot of freedom what goals you can pursue.

Military Charter
Yours is a story of Duty, Bravery and Loyality. Loyality to the greatest human empire, SolGov. You will bring this sector to the folds of Sol's Pearl and make it a secure haven for all that enjoy the protection of the SDN.
You are a military officer of the Joint Operation of the Colonial Army and Solar Defense Navy, tasked to form a military forward base and control the human settlers on your designated planet. Eventually, it will be your decision how to subjugate or bring back human colonists into SolGov's fold. You will have supervisors, a set budget and clear goals. However, you represent one of the highest authorities out in this wilderness.

Yours is a story of Daring, Cruelty and Crime. Crime against humans and xenos alike. Drugs, piracy or smuggling, you use the wilderness of this sector for your own gain and your gain alone. Who else deserves it? No one.
You are a petty crime lord settling on another planet. Hated by everyone, you can walk paths that aren't open to others. But the USDF and colonial militias will see you as blight.

Pick one of the following PLANET Foci :

SSO-2398 III
Sensors indicate a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere that should be breathable. Exotic materials detected. Surface temperature seems to be quite cold. Biosphere only marginally detected. Strong magnetic poles.

SSU-3451 II
Surface temperature exceeds optimal parameters marginally. Biosphere detected. Signs of artificial material detected by deep sonar.


Smaller planetoid of a jovian planet. Nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere detected. Heavy materials in crust and mantle sampled. No significant biosphere detected.
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