It's been fun. I'm out.

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It's been fun. I'm out.

Postby antsnap2 » Thu Jun 09, 2016 8:44 pm


Has details about the straw that broke the camel's back. I'm done with my thought out arguments being dismissed with memes, snark, disrespect and the classic "I'm a dictator LOL". I'm done with lack of community awareness to the problems here.

I'd be ok with the nerf if discussion was had, but the way it was handled, sneakily, behind the scenes by Ace, I have no more faith in management. I'm out, I'll leave with this:

Ace why'd Richard leave and start his own ERP server? Shit like this. You're an impertinent, rude, inconsiderate fool. You ruined his code by making buggy shotgun-dismemberment, which no one wanted but you. But when people used demon language? When people wanted a fun slime race? Naw, screw their characters and RP, too OP. "The abuse provoking feature" argument flawed in so many ways can just be applied to make it go away right? Protip, almost all features in this game can be abuse, it's why the game is moderated.

Didn't the guy who made the forum chat also leave? Gee I wonder...

I also wonder why there isn't an option to disable the obnoxious "their belly is hanging low and filled with glorping slush" examine message when you shift click someone who ate 1 cheeseburger too many. Anything to do with your fat fetish Ace? Huh, I wonder.

You can't see the big picture and look past your selfish visions and interests. You're a childish man playing dictator on an ERP server in a mono-threaded game written in an undead engine. I'm done. I don't have to time to make more arguments. Ill post the ones from git in the thread above, but I'm out. You just aren't mature enough to run a server, and I'm too busy in my real life to fork it and start my own, and well, maybe I can't either. Who knows?

But moreover, I'm done, exhausted. I can argue all day about the nuances of balancing fun and gameplay and the dozens of OP guns you've added (for admin only use though tee hee), but, I'm above this, I've realized. I don't have to deal with this. I don't need this. I can have fun and vore elsewhere.

As I type this, I've been banned from discord for dissent I guess? IDK. Since I'm banned I can't stop Ace from rewriting history. This could be deleted, and I can't do much about it. There are an infinite number of excuses to justify it too, that's the thing about excuses, quick to make but take time to refute. He often jokes about being a dictator. Welp, congrats, the dream is real. You're the dictator of a game server. Pretty cool huh? Nice power huh? I wonder how much the vain notion will fulfill you in the long term.

My leaving shouldn't affect the community right? I'm just one person. Then again, whose next to be treated poorly enough to leave? I wonder what the code would look like if Richard was still here? Huh.

I've had a lot of fun here. I've had, touching scenes, angry scenes, happy scenes, but mostly erotic scenes of giant people eating each other, or dominatrix dridders spanking nekos in maintenance halls. This codebase is truely unique, the community is great, but the disconnect between management and some coders with the playerbase is too much to bare anymore. Too ingrained and pernicious.

I wish everyone here the best. In time I'll harbor no ill will, but I'll join Richard and friends in exile now.

-Muffy, Jaslene, Susan, Miki, Alythess
Antsy Coder. Characters: Muffy (drider), Jaslene (naga), Susan (slime), Miki (oni), Alythess (Demon)
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Re: It's been fun. I'm out.

Postby Aces » Thu Jun 09, 2016 10:35 pm

"Sneaky and underhanded."

I'll just let the fact that your comments aren't deleted like you claimed do the talking. I really don't need to say anything else, but now I want to. Even this, I won't delete. I want everyone to see this. I want everyone to look at this and be the judge because that is literally how I have done everything in this community since DAY ONE. If people think I'm being an asshole, by all means, message me and say "Ace, you're being an asshole." If they think I'm doing right, tell me, "Ace, I think you're doing the right thing." If I started censoring negative feedback, this community would be fucked. Anyone with half a brain knows that. I know that. You don't seem to understand I know that, so you instead jumped to the worst possible conclusion and blamed me for censorship that never happened. I will however lock the thread because I am not interested in this being an issue weeks later when the problem is long gone and dealt with.

There was no discussion because you didn't want to have one without throwing around, "OH NO IT'S A BIG CONSPIRACY RISE UP VORESTATION, RISE UP AGAINST YOUR TYRANT OPPRESSOR." There's no fucking conspiracy. Your comments were never deleted. Why they allegedly went missing is a mystery to me, but they're back now, and you just look like a complete idiot. I couldn't temporarily hide comments on Github even if I wanted to. That functionality doesn't exist. As far as I'm concerned, you're making shit up to validate your otherwise lousy argument about why we shouldn't nerf the stupidly high health regeneration that makes Prometheans almost invincible without exotic or powerful weapons to kill them.

So you can bitch and moan all you want about this. You got banned because you couldn't shut up for five minutes and consider, "Hey, wait a minute, this conspiracy makes no goddamn sense. Maybe there's a misunderstanding. Maybe if I could be respectful about this, instead of stroking off my own confirmation bias, I could have an honest discussion about this thing I disagree with."

Instead, that isn't what happened. You're not even permabanned. You got a day ban. Holy shit. Suck it up. But hey, if you want a forum ban on top of it? Wish granted. I'll make it a month since you don't seem satisfied.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Now if anyone wants to talk about problems with Promethean balance, Nightwing has made a new thread over here: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=713

Oh, and while we're at it, don't like other things in the server? Don't like the weight text? Well gee, that sure sucks. If only you could go in and change the code yourself to--OH WAIT silly me, we have an open source code where everyone can contribute! It's almost like I want the community's input on things! Right?

P.S. The "lol I'm the dictator" thing is a joke and always has been a joke. A server with no players because I've alienated everyone by not listening to them isn't any fun for me either. Yes, I'm in charge. No, I don't fucking censor people's opinions over it. I "censor" (ban) people when they start being immature and completely unavailing about it.

Late edit: You deleted your own comments off Github, I see. Just so everyone knows what you posted: ... n/pull/337
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