The Theme Song Thread!

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The Theme Song Thread!

Postby MatchaFrappe » Mon Feb 29, 2016 10:06 pm

Post your theme song for anything: your IC character, your scenes, or how you feel about V.O.R.E. Station in general!

For the sassy ones on V.O.R.E Station:
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Re: The Theme Song Thread!

Postby Gramzon_the_Dragon » Tue Mar 01, 2016 12:02 am

For those mundane civilian space moments
Should totally be a jukebox song
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Re: The Theme Song Thread!

Postby MatchaFrappe » Tue Mar 01, 2016 7:53 am

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Re: The Theme Song Thread!

Postby Killjaden » Tue Mar 01, 2016 9:19 am

Mmhmmmmm, Nice theme!

I have no idea what I would use for Rek'Sen though.

I might settle for this for now

ooorrr maybe this
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Re: The Theme Song Thread!

Postby viveret » Tue Mar 22, 2016 10:15 am

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Re: The Theme Song Thread!

Postby Scree » Wed Mar 23, 2016 5:27 am

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Re: The Theme Song Thread!

Postby Aces » Wed Mar 23, 2016 11:19 pm

Ace in Space on a Chase. or depending on the urgency of the mood.

Seriously I play this tune any time Ace is trying to catch someone who jumped out into space to avoid capture over something serious. I just see him alone, out in the void of space, soaring from place to place in hopes of spotting that speck on the horizon to move in and engage--and make the kill. Seen through his visor, you can see the determination in his eyes to protect the safety of his crew...

There's a reason I added a similar track to the game.

Colonel Townes boss fight - Our first major plotline ending, Operation Magnum, fighting the traitor NT Colonel Townes.
Wishgranter - A mid-plot event that took place during the Redspace story arc in which Kisuke encountered the Wishgranter during a gateway expedition while the crew was being murdered by a giant redspace xenomorph.
Hellfire - Our second plotline ending, stopping Devoratrix Mundi from tearing a massive hole into Redspace which would have consumed our entire universe.
Chase's Last Stand - "Ransacked" from Wolfenstein, it was played during the WW2 time traveler's final stand against the Nazis. We got this on footage. He permadied when the Singularity Bomb devoured his corpse. Chase was a devout Christian who refused to be clonescanned prior to the event. One of the biggest tearjerking events yet.
UNSC Hoenir - Ace's lost friends from the UNSC reunite with him and offer to take the fight to the Nazis who stole their small fleet's flagship the UNSC Jormungandr. This theme plays as their stealth corvette sneaks up on the battlecruiser with the VORE crew on board, equipped with an array of UNSC gear.
Sd.Kfz. 269 Mechakampfwagen Gorilla Ausf. A - The crew encounters the Gorilla Mech for the first time and gets utterly fucking wrecked. The fight ended when Demicus took advantage of the mech's slowness and put C4 on its leg and blasted it apart. Despite its hardy armor which made it nigh indestructible otherwise, the C4 damaged it critically and the pilot had to bail out--and was subsequently killed.
This is for Chase - The smoke clears immediately after the Gorilla Mech fight. The crew finds a second Gorilla mech and uses it to wipe out Space Nazi opposition and kill Space Hitler. Kisuke also dies during this event--a death that would have been permanent, but some enterprising scientists on VORE managed to clone him despite his genetic defects.
The Truth Will Set You Free - An ominous transmission reaches the station from a Redspace research facility in ruins. The crew investigates to find an AI claiming its self to be Colonel Townes. Between the garbled and cryptic riddles, it keeps repeating the message, "The truth will set you free." The AI eventually fails and shuts down permanently.
The Clown Child - Clown Temple entry theme.
M.A.D. J.A.C.K. - Clown Temple boss fight verses Cluwne mech.
Shadows and Trickery - A pair of clown criminals infiltrate the station. One talks his way into a security job while the other afterwards eats the HoP and impersonates him. They sneak into the vault together during a "routine" checkup, right under Security's noses during a high alert anticipating such a robbery. They steal the infinite power cell and escape before Security knows what happened. Flawless heist.
Ode to Greed - What I would have played if we had to go loud and shoot our way out during the clown heist.
Akula pirates kidnap Kisuke - This heist did NOT go off as planned. We got caught and we went loud. Security descended on the Captain's office in full force and we had to shoot our way out to the teleporter room. A few minutes seemed like an eternity. It was a ridiculously frightful shootout and security came at us four with everything they had. We managed to escape and killed to security officers (at least), but the captain of the pirate crew was badly wounded and got infected. He abandoned his original mission and tried to offer Kisuke's life in exchange for medicine, but then the pirate captain's crew backstabbed him in exchange for amnesty by NanoTrasen.
Hurt - Nine Inch Nails - Jeremy's mental breakdown upon realizing that Keegan had run away and intended never to return, which eventually leads to him giving himself up to Lindy, for fear of being abandoned again--and wanting to ensure he never could be. / Ace attempting suicide months after Jaylan's divorce, but he's caught at the last moment by his friend Kira and brought to the hospital. There's a long and painful drawn out buildup to this. After the divorce its self he keeps trying to win Jaylan back, trying to fix what he did wrong. It only drives him insane. He neglects his planetside clonescan backups and intentionally overdoses on his depression meds and pain killers in an effort to kill himself but this fails. NanoTrasen puts him through extensive therapy--which is the real reason he was gone for so many months. (Why didn't he just blow his brains out with his shotgun? He thought it'd be too painful and thought it'd be better to go out high as a kite than an instant of agony.)
The Gauntlet - Ace joins Joseph Skinner and the USCM for an off-station mission. It goes badly. Xenos manage to get aboard the frigate. Ace and the crew are on red alert lockdown trying to hold off the Xenos under barricades and machinegun fire under flashing red lights as the survivors of the USCM frigate evacuate. There are no survivors because the xenos get on the escape pod and eat everyone before being blown out of the stars by another ship.

Now onto music I haven't gotten to use yet, but plan to for some event.
Interstellar Soundtrack - No Time for Caution (Organ/Film version) - I want to use this for some kind of event where a main character is most certainly going to permanently die to save the station crew. Possibly lonewolf charging some yet-decided enemy to set off some yet-decided weapon that cannot be set off remotely / must be protected until it goes off. Someone's gotta permadie for this to be perfect.
Druna Skass I Theme - Definitely near the end of a big story arc on the crew's way to defeat the final boss.
Star Wars: The Old Republic - Revan's Theme - Another good boss fight. Maybe something Redspace related.
The Final Battle - Another good boss fight, perhaps a duel between old friends, neither of whom is really the bad guy.
Spider Dance - Instrumental Mix Cover (Undertale) - I need an excuse to do a boss battle with a spider person but have no ideas on the mechanics of said fight. It has to be more drawn out than punching/shooting each other to death.
MEGALOVANIA - Instrumental Mix Cover (Undertale) - I also need an excuse to play this.
V.O.R.E.'s last shift - When that sad day comes that the server must be shut down for whatever reason, I will play this theme as we're boarding the shuttle and leaving for the last time. I will try not to cry. And I will cry. A lot.
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Re: The Theme Song Thread!

Postby Molenar » Thu Mar 24, 2016 4:59 am

Lets see,
For Giliana Gamish, slightly mad scientist, deathclaw hybrid.
I have two songs particular, one for her more lighthearted side,
and one for her more twisted mad scientist moments, ... im-angelus

for my Kitsune, Uya I'd have to go with simply because it fits her whole theme so well, cliche? yeah, but still a good one.

Zander Usavich, Merc, medic, and very caring for his allies. also good for any really solemn moments ... strumental

Arctic Drider, Yuki Marzanna, one of the darker and less energetic remixes I've found ... tearsremix

and last one i have any sort of music really dedicated to their thoughts, Kari Akiren, an inkling sniper, in normal situations i go with ... lage-piano
or when she's chasing a criminal, ... on-roaring
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Re: The Theme Song Thread!

Postby rikaru19 » Fri Mar 25, 2016 6:17 am

Bit tough to find themes for Reika currently... But...

Iris has at least one for what kickassery she can do. Can't link it exactly, but look up the OST for the RWBY red trailer. I have found that particular song fits Iris going full out badarse on something with it's slow build up to outright own.

Basically I have that song going in the background if I'm having her hunt down something, or get ready to blast multiple baddies by herself if needed.
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