lore idea: space hobo's

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lore idea: space hobo's

Postby warbrand2 » Mon Nov 30, 2015 7:37 pm

No clue why I am putting this in the lore area.


space hobo's are a strange group of jobless beings from well anywhere, they tend to be human or tajaran in race for the most part. the biggest thing about them is the fact they live in space.These space hobo's are becoming more and more common as NT puts out more and more stations, why more jobs makes more hobos is unknown. What is known is the following; They smell of beer, they tend to have a large backpack, They tend to have an O2 mask and several canisters of air, They just drift in space and seem to be able to drink coffee through their mask.

The problem; space hobo's by themselves are not a problem any station that sees one is informed to give them coffee and boot them out an airlock, failure to do so will result in docked pay until they prove their worth in the job. The reason for this docking of pay is the fact that these space hobos have a network of communication which is ludicrous in its strength is a station allows one hobo ten more are likely to follow, eventually their numbers will replace the crew requiring a combat team to be sent in to wipe them out so that actual paid workers can do the jobs.

no clue why I am posting this, just read tv-tropes on ss13 and found a detailed tutorial on how to be a space hobo... I need to get back on server.
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