xenobiology concept: the hybrid queen

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xenobiology concept: the hybrid queen

Postby warbrand2 » Sun Aug 30, 2015 5:34 pm

-post spoliderd stupid to work on concept that will never happen-

for concept mentioned here: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=166

:> document: AI53917B

:> warning classified info please inter passcode

:>passcode: **********

:> Passcode accepted welcome NT-0278

:>document loading

:>creature log: xeno hybrid A3.15
:> subspecies: xeno queen
:> shipping location: V.O.R.E
:> history: A3.15 is a our latest testing of xenomorph DNA on tamer species in this case we used DNA taken from employee [redacted] as they have a 63% DNA match to the standard xenomorph (guess who). A3.15 is the 27th test with this DNA combo and is the first to be passive enough to transport. As such we are transpiring A3.15 to a less secure facility for open testing by xenobiology staff. We are hoping that the will find uses of the specimen and that it will not go rogue on their station.

:> biological notes: A3.15 exhibits a smaller crest then standard xenmorph queens and has a dark almost midnight purple hue. A3.15 has two unique traits among the test xeno hybrids the first being that it is physically impossible to kill her, though she can be knocked out, all one needs to do to revive is to inject her with a blood plasma combo, doing so also wipes her memory and is to be done at the end of ALL shifts. the second is that her eggs do not produce face huggers and in fact she has no known way of reproduction.

:> update event log C350-1: before transport to V.O.R.E researcher [redacted] who had become quite attached to A3.15 snuck into her cage... we later found him vary much alive though now sporting a completely xenomorph biology, as such he has been stripped of title and rank. We have learned from the recording data that researcher [redacted] had not be wiping A3.15's memory is instructed and as such 3.15 had become quite attached to him, resulting in the event listed. How she turned a full grown Tajaran male into a first stage female xenomorph drone is unknown, but further research will be requested from V.O.R.E station.

:> admin log:As we are sending this beast to V.O.R.E some one keep clone records of it on station. You don't want to know the stories from that place.

lore stuff stops here

basicly this is the start to a lore for providing the station with a high threat xeno bio item, also if any one can provide me with a template of the standard xeno queen sprite I can sprite this thing... messing with sprites is not that hard for me and I need something to do... (need the queen sprite and the egg one)
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