concept: the "wizards" of virgo

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concept: the "wizards" of virgo

Postby warbrand2 » Mon Aug 17, 2015 11:40 pm

[a rough draft of a document miss sent to v.o.r.e station instead of cent com. ]
(aka lets make this better as I am crap at this stuff)

The wizard federation is not active in virgo not because they don't want to be but because they can not the highly unstable nature of red and blue space prevents them from existing at all anywhere with in 2,000 light years of the virgo orbital research station. as such a new cult of wizards have risen though how they function is a lot more know cuase their leaders are easily bribed with soy beens which they use for their "magic"

the wizards of virgo do not use redspace, blue space or even " magic" they instead use a soy based power pack which has speciallized bacteria that can transphere soy in to energy through one of three devices though it is powerful the magic is limited.

the devices

the pack: an exo suit item that allows the user to harness the soy baced mater manipulation that comes from a highly modified bacteria contained with in it... this is useless with out the other parts.

the gloves: allow the damaging magic to be cast from fire balls, to lightning to turning your opponent into ash all of which can be done.
1: fire ball (low damage not accurate good for clearing plant life or scaring peaple)
2: lighting
3: melt down (has been known to backfire, turns target to in ash pile if they do not get out of the users grip)

the goggles: these night vision goggles have been modified to do a number of things and passivly drain the soy from the packs. though right now not much is know about htem but the next shipment should have a return document on them.

the boots: the best bit of the soy based magic items, these boots allow the user to channel energy allowing to do all sorts of things from hovering to stomping causing all around them to fall over, though exact functions are unkown.

as the devices mentioned are soy baced they do take up a lot of energy to use for example a single use of melt down will drain a full pack preventing anything else from doing done.

Now that we have explained the items lets go over the cult.

the cult of the magic bean

this cult started in virgo just months ago and activity has widely spread sence it was first observed they seem to be mostly harmless using their "magic" purely for shows and mercinary work though they have been at odds with the soviet factions in the region from the start. with border wars going off all the time even an entire soviet run plannet turned into ash form a orbital weapon. the reasons behind this are shrouded with mystery but it may be because soviets do not treat their bean with respect.

While the cult is harmless to NT personnel known members are to be reported even if they do not have packs we really want that tech in our armories. As such all know members are to be detained in interviewed if the interview goes well they are to be released and left to their jobs.... do not interrogate or torture doing such may start a war with people that can turn a bean into lightning.

{out of lore}

ok what I am going for here is a cult that has found a way to turn a bean into a heavy energy source of some alien bacteria that has been heavily modified in a way that it can be molded to the users will if they have the right gear. not really magic but as cent com can't reverse engineer the things they consider it that.

What I need to figure out

what the cult believes in, how they react, a normaly player should be allowed to accociate with them, if they should be an antag group, and how limited their abilities from the gear should be aka list abilities that would make sense and costs.

for example the pack would be able to hold 50 soy beans and the highest power "spell" would be melt down which uses all 50 and can not be used if have less. also want to give abilities to the packs like grow plants to cause botany plants to instantly be harvest able or something like ore generation which spawns a random pack of ores infront of the "wizard" off course using the gear would have to have a whitelist of some sort to prevent things like a xenobio cult member summoning slimes in the bar or something.
I think to much.

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