The Lore Meetings

Discuss the details surrounding the station's lore and how things work in the universe. What is Redspace? Why does Phoron kill you? Why does Nanotrasen have a station where people eat each other? Are there any neat colonies or factions worth mentioning? Pitch your ideas and get feedback!

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Official changes to the lore should only be made after a nearly unanimous decision that something was a good idea. No one is going to be happy if you force a lousy special snowflake storyline into the main lore SO DON'T FEKIN' DO THAT. Also if you can't take (or give) constructive criticism, don't post here.

The Lore Meetings

Postby JoanRisu » Thu Jun 07, 2018 9:59 am

This thread will be to track the objectives of each meeting held and track suggestions on what future meetings should address.
If you have a suggestion for what a meeting should cover, please state the title of the meeting and the objective of the meeting.

This thread will also track any unresolved lore issues a meeting was supposed to address but did not.
If you would like to address an unresolved issue, please create a new topic in the forum and link that topic in a reply here.

Any accepted meeting objectives or unresolved issues to be discussed will be listed in this post.

Lore Meeting Tracker

Lore Meeting 1: Timeline
Generally speaking, the first lore meeting covered the general timeline and explains the history of humans in space.
The current timeline is found here.

Lore Meeting 2: The United Federation
This meeting will cover the review and revision of the United Federation lore and the primary species of the UF, the Ecureuilians.
The current wiki page for the United Federation can be found here.
A date for this meeting is currently pending.
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